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Cancer Specializations

Brain Cancer

There are two types of brain tumors: those that originate in the brain (primary brain cancer) and those that spread to the brain after originating from some other site (secondary brain cancer). The majority of cases involve secondary causes. Treatment is tailored to the underlying cause. Generally, treatment involves a multidisciplinary approach with neurosurgery, radiation, and chemotherapy providing the backbone of care. There have been quite a few advances made in understanding the cause of brain tumors, hence, better therapies are readily more available. Dr. Shaye, Dr. Lashkari, and Dr. Ho are motivated to help tailor each person's care and provide the best management plan available.

Dr. Shaye, Dr. Lashkari, and Dr. Ho know that even if you have the most common form of bladder cancer, no two cancers are exactly the same, just like no two patients are the same. They will work with you to understand the genes of your specific cancer to provide you with the optimum treatment and the greatest probability for recovery.

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